Sunset 2010

Sunset 2010

       Tom and I have placed our focus this year on completing a long-awaited documentary and learning the technology needed to reach a broad audience. Our grown son, Lucas, has been our mentor in this new arena. We wish to thank you for your patience; it’s been eighteen years in the making.

       December drifts in falling snow beyond the window, muted and pastel across glaciers and bay. Last year I suddenly realized that we are not “over.” It’s easy to fall under the hypnosis of cultural expectations: the well-worn pathway of retirement and disability that most expect out of aging. It need not be so. The possibility exists for continued growth and exploration. As the year draws to a close, Tom and I are embarking on a new creative adventure.

       It’s been two years since our lives settled into a predictable rhythm. Our seasons now revolve around an annual migration into the wilderness for three months each summer and winters in a quiet Alaskan village. It suits us. It has been a time of growth and reflection, of slowly unpacking and sprouting new roots. After years of questing upon the road—our lives tucked into a pickup or stored in a shed—we awaken once more to the creative glimmer. Where once we worked crafting art glass, riding inspiration together like a chariot, we are once again excited about co-creativity. Making our relationship about more than itself has been the vehicle that carried us over the long miles. Sharing our vision with others is our joy.

       After almost three decades together, we find ourselves surprisingly more in love with one another and Life every day. That is part of the journey we want to share with you, an honest and intimate look into the lives of two rather ordinary people who continue to choose dreams over the safe and predictable. If, as Carlos Castaneda said, death is an ally sitting on our left shoulder, what is there to lose in dreaming big?

       And so we wade into this new landscape, inviting you to join us. We hope to bring you other documentaries as well as several books in the coming months and years. We will start by posting essays and pictures from the past few years on this forum. Depending on your feedback, Jeanie may post her next book as it is being written. We are willing to play and see where the path takes us. Meanwhile, we are thankful for friends, old and new, who support and enjoy our journey.

Wishing each of you Joy in your own Adventures.

Jeanie, Tom and Lucas

From my window Jeanie and Tom
The Bay Tom and Lucas at our cabin
Tom shovels the drive Smoke

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