Three Generations of Alaska Wilderness Heritage Come to Life in this Thoughtful Documentary
Jean Aspen and Tom Irons

The Inspirational Story of One Family Alone in Alaska’s Remote Brooks Range for 14 Months

Arctic Son: Fulfilling the Dream
DVD 2-disc documentary

Jeanie speaks:
My parents were Arctic adventurers who recorded their nomadic lives in early documentaries and books. Childhood travels with them kindled my deep love for nature, and I spent my youth wandering Alaska’s remote Brooks Range. This is the story of my first book, Arctic Daughter: A Wilderness Journey, scheduled for republication next April.

In 1992 I was drawn back to the Arctic with my husband, Tom Irons, our six-year-old son, Luke, and our friend, Laurie. The four of us were flown into the mountains where we built a cabin and lived alone for more than a year. When spring again freed the river, we embarked on a month-long canoe journey back to civilization. Throughout our sojourn in this vast solitude, we candidly recorded our lives. From ninety hours of footage, Tom and I produced our documentary, Arctic Son: Fulfilling the Dream, shown on PBS stations across America. My updated book of the same name is again available.

Over the decades, our family often returned to the wilderness. Our continuing story is told in Trusting the River, scheduled for publication in 2015. Now in our mid-sixties, Tom and I still spend a third of each year in Arctic wilds. When our beloved son, Lucas, died unexpectedly in 2012, we retreated to the solace of our mountains where we chose to revise our documentary in tribute to his life. This summer, we will begin recording for another documentary.

Tom and I hope to inspire you to live your own precious dreams, to engender loving communities, and to honor our Planet home. We are grateful for your enthusiasm—which has generated national following in our two-person projects.

Thank you for your support and blessings!
Jeanie Aspen and Tom Irons June 2014

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